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My name is Matthias and here I will showcase some of my work, projects I am working on in cooperation with other artists, WIP and previews of projects to come.

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Low Poly Maya Dungeon

This modular game level building set is BitGem’s second level building set in the low poly, hand painted series. This first iteration is already quite complete and comes with a lot of stuff to build your levels with. Thank you Tran Van Dinh for your awesome work on this item!

New Animations For Our Little Zombie Commoner

Hey folks! I just wanted to share the latest batch of animations for our zombie commoner done by Robert… WUHUUU! AWESOME STUFF!! :D

The zombie boss animations are also done but they don’t want to work in verold for some yet unknown reason… so here is a short video instead! :)

Correction: They do work on verold now! :)

Low Poly Female Angel

She is rigged and ready to hit the stage! … still needs animations though. Anyway, you can find the rigged model on 3DO!

Rock Formation Set 03

… is done and up on 3DO! :)

Pixel 3D Easter Bunny

He’s been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now so I just had to take a little break from what I was doing and get him out :).

Angel WIP

Here are some work in progress shots of the Angel.

Sprite Animation

…for a game I have been working on for a while now in my spare time (which I hardly have). Will post a link to an early work in progress version soon :).

3D Printable Articulate Mini Figurine

Finished the next iteration of the articulate mini figurine that I have posted a little while ago. Shapeways took it off the line because the individual parts were so small that they frequently got lost in the printing, cleaning, packing and shipping process… so now the parts are connected by scaffolding! :) Unfortunately one needs to cut the parts apart and the white base color of the material shows through. I tried placing the connecting wires in places where one might expect to find screws or joints so that it could be part of the design. Oh well :)

3D Printable Articulate Mini Figure from BitGem on Sketchfab.

Fund Raiser Token

As another little side project, I made this 3d printable coin model for thewaronaging to help raise funds and awareness for rejuvenation biotechnology. Scary really how few people actually know about this stuff! That needs to change. :)

Fund Raiser Token from BitGem on Sketchfab.

Rock Formation 02!

By Vladimir Ziryanov. Is done and ready for download on 3DOcean.

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